Sunday, September 26, 2010

not adding to the pile

DDIL requested some summer sleep sack for DGS.
I was pleased that I could find the fabric, zippers and binding all in the cupboard.
It is rewarding to put things to good use.

A a quilters camp recently the participants were all gifted with some fabric from a quilter who had passed away.
She had left behind a very sizeable amount of stash, 50 tubs of fabric in just one shed, and more in another.
That is not what I want to leave behind.
Although I do not have that quantity, I still have more than enough to see me through for the next couple of years.
I don't want to add the gifted fabric to what I already have.
I have passed some on and have plans for the rest.
The first piece has been made into a library bag for DGS.
He loves dogs, so I thought this was very suitable for him.

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