Sunday, September 26, 2010

from deep in the past

This quilt was started about 19 years ago when my cousin was pregnant.
I thought she was having a boy, but when she had a girl I thought the quilt was not feminine enough.
This was my first hand pieced quilt and I had started hand quilting it as well.
It was worked on spasmodically but mostly sat in an open fronted cupboard and as a result the border fabric and some in the blocks faded, some very badly as can be seen in the second photo.
I replaced the fabric ( I still had some of the original) and then machine quilted the remainder of the quilt.
I had to adapt some of the quilting designs so they were suitable to machine quilt.
I have a new machine, so as well as mastering free motion machine quilting, I am mastering a new machine as well.
So far we are working things out together.

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