Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Wedding Quilt

It was my privilege recently to make a wedding quilt for a very special couple.

Here are the beautiful couple

The bride is from India so I primarily used the fabric line from Leesa Chandler called
 " Passage to India"

There are 9 Mariners Compass blocks which will always point you home

There are red and gold log cabin blocks.
These reflect the colours worn by the bride and groom.
The red blocks have a red centre that reflects the fire in the hearth.
The gold blocks have a gold centre that is the light that guides you home.
Together they represent the home that you create together.

This jewel print is used in several borders. The tear drop shape is commonly used for wedding and special occasion jewellery and decoration.

You will see the  gold border teams beautifully with the green and shows with harmony with which the Indian and Australian cultures merge.

 The border fabric was inspired by designs of 17th century Indian porcelain. It is found in the henna design worn by the groom and also in the decoration of the bride's sari.

The Quilt has double hearts quilted into the corners

and stylised lotuses into other panels.
The lotus can represent beauty, eternity, prosperity and fertility in Hindu.

The label is edged in purple, a favourite colour of the bride and groom and has the seven Hindu marriage blessings.

May you always be blessed with an abundance of comforts and resources, and always be helpful to one another in all aspects
May you be strong and complement each other, mentally, spiritually, and physically.
May you be blessed with prosperity and riches in all ways
May you have eternal love and trust together
May you be blessed with a happy family life and children
May you live in harmony together- staying true to your promises to your selves and one another
May you always remain best friends

The quilt contains all our love and best wishes for a long and happy marriage.


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

What a presentation of love.

Hanne said...

I love the quilt and I love your resolutions for your quilt life. I am all there with you, on the other side of the world :-)

darquilter said...

Pam the quilt is beautiful! And so is the handsome couple, I love the clothing and that you chose "Passage to India" fabrics!


darquilter said...

Pam the quilt is beautiful and so is the handsome couple. I love that you chose "Passage to India" fabrics for this, just so appropriate.


martha bilski said...

That is a beautiful quilt and the recipients will be honored to receive it .

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

the little girl in me wants to play dress up in both outfits!