Sunday, January 2, 2011

First heirloom project for 2011

I am hoping that this year will be the first of several years of finishing heirloom projects.
The first one was started about 18 years ago.
My first exposure to this quilt happened about 20 years ago.
I had moved to the country and taken up patchwork.
I had started my first quilt, met someone who did quilting ( I had never even seen a real quilt before) and she took my along to the local quilting group.
I saw someone working on this quilt, stitching the bias on by hand, and while I thought it was stunning, I also thought the person was NUTS but be doing such a massive project like that.
Fast forward two years and I had done two terms of quilt classes and was thoroughly hooked.
I was looking through a catalogue and saw "that quilt"again.
Only this time my reaction was "I would love to make that" .
I managed to get hold of the book and set about purchasing the fabrics I needed.
I didn't have a stash back then, and it needed 68 different plain fabrics.
This was in the days before hand dyed etc. which would give the quilt now a more authentic stained glass look.
All the patterns had to be enlarged, traced onto the foundation squares, then all the 'glass' cut out.
I initially pinned all the glass in place, but later basted it all.
I knew this was going to be a long term project and didn't want a) pieces falling off, or b) rust stains from pins left in.
I elected to made the bias by hand. It needs about 186 yards and I wanted to be sure the quality was going to be good.
Life got in the way as it does with 4 young children and lots of other activities.
The quilt came out from time to time and then disappeared into the box again.
This time I am hoping to keep working on it.
This is the current state of play.
Behind the dove has the bias, it need some on the wings and most of the border has to be done.

The gentian is finished.

One corner rose is finished, there are four of these.

One tulip is finished, there are four of these.

This shows the rose before and after the bias is added.

Here is the tulip before and after the bias.
There are 22 flower blocks in total around the outside.
Stay tuned for progress.

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