Monday, May 23, 2011

lace finishes

This beaded lace cowl was made from yarn left over from previous lace projects.
It was my first attempt at knitting in beads.
I used the method where you thread the beads on the yarn first.
I wasn't that happy with the end results.
The beads didn't sit exactly where I wanted them.
I should perhaps have used larger beads but I wanted to use what I had.

I enjoyed knitting this feather and fan shawl from "A Gathering of Lace"
It was knitted in Knitpicks lace yarn.

This lace scarf is for me. Part of my learning curve in lace knitting.
I need to learn to read the pattern more closely.
On the first end I did "pick up and knit" instead of "pick up".
This resulted in the end panel each facing in a different direction ( you can't see that in the photo, I have turned one end over so that they look the same).
The pattern is from Jane Sowerby.

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