Friday, August 27, 2010

August Finishes

This is the start of a new quilt I am handpiecing.
The pattern is from Quilters Companion and most of the pieces were printed using Inklingo.
The applique on the centre still needs to be finished.
The stars need connecting diamonds and other shapes added.
A larger I-Spy quilt that I finished today.
I pieced four of these tops to use up the fabric.
Two are now quilted and the other two will be finished this year

This was a quilt kit purchased in Grand Rapids last August.
The fabric is very pretty and there are fussy cut butterflies in the alternate blocks.

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Sharyn said...

wow, nice job! Find one of those holiday panels to practice your free motion quilting on. you can practice everything on one of those.
Invest in a Supreme Slider, or at least a can of silicone. Spray it on a rag and then wipe down the area where your hands manipulate the quilt.
Start in the center and work out.
concentrate on the 4-6 inches within your hands.
Don't roll the quilt, mush it up. Breathe :)
hugs, Sharyn